Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a new aerial before you arrive?

I’d wait until we’ve had time to check for signal direction and strength before racing out and buying an antenna. With digital TV, your reception is as dependent on the signal received from the tower as it is on your aerial.

Besides, we may actually be able to save you money by testing the signal first.

The sales person said I need a big aerial in my area. Is this true?

The owner of the aerial on the left was told the same thing, He called and asked me to test the signal first, and was so pleased that he didn’t listen to the salesperson that he went online to say how much money he had saved.

Don’t get me wrong, sales people know their products, but unless you test signal strength and direction at your site first, exactly what you need will usually only be a guess on their part.

I get a lot of interference. Do I need a new antenna?

Maybe! But then your equipment may have suffered storm or wind damage, your cable may have deteriorated or your connections maybe corroded.

I’m quite happy to come out and inspect your existing set up, check for the above problems, and either fix or replace your aerial.

Don’t spend money that you don’t have to.