Telephone And Internet Cabling

We install telephone and internet cabling in both new homes (at frame stage) and older homes.

Also included in this service are extra access points for your phone and internet.

While many people are doing away with their landlines, many people still prefer a “fixed” phone rather than mobile, especially with patch reception on mobile.

Having extra access points in your house for the phone can be handy, especially if you have problems with kids losing cordless phones…

Building your home network.

Quite simply, what we are talking about here is building a “home network”, which is a small, Local Area Network (LAN) used to connect devices such as computers within the home to the internet.

While many would argue that the future is “wireless” when it comes to your home network, others worry about about a perceived lack of security.

The positive aspect of having a wired home network is that it allows you to have a private, high-speed network for internet access, file sharing, media streaming, online gaming, IP security cameras, as well as linking your TV to the internet.

At home, we use the convenience of a home network to save on printing costs by having one just one computer that we can all access, whether it’s for homework, printing recipes or for business.

Extra SocketsMany networks use both wireless and wired components.

Modern modems will often combine ethernet (cable) and wireless functions together. Many families will use their ‘wired’ network for file sharing and tasks such as banking, while using “wireless” to connect smartphones, tablets and visitors’ computers.

Wireless connections are fine provided that you use the highest level of security available, and use the strongest possible password. For more information on wireless internet security, check out the Queensland Police site.

If you need further information on home networking, how to use it, how to to connect your TV to the internet, contact me here.

I’d be happy to give you a free, no obligation quote on networking your home or business.